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Healthy Birthday

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Dedicated to helping families heal and connect! Healthy Birthday was founded by five mothers who all experienced stillbirth, we believe that the best path to healing is through community and advocacy.


Their mission is to improve birth outcomes through programming, advocacy, and research. Health Equity is at the center of our work, with a goal to reduce the racial disparities that persist. We help save babies using the evidence-based Count the Kicks stillbirth prevention program, which educates expectant parents on the importance of tracking their babies’ movements in the third trimester of pregnancy and speaking up if they notice a change.


Our vision is to replicate the success of the highly effective Count the Kicks campaign in all 50 states. We hope to reduce America’s stillbirth by 32% as we have done in Iowa, which would save 7,500 babies from preventable stillbirth every year.


Be Courageous.

Healthy Birth Day, Inc. was founded on the belief that stillbirths and poor birth outcomes can be preventable. By providing stillbirth prevention education and resources, we improve care and empower expectant parents to advocate for themselves and their babies. We will bravely push for systemic change, speak truth to power, and not shy away from difficult conversations, meetings, and decisions.

Share the Cause.

Healthy Birth Day, Inc. believes knowledge is power. When we make the world a safer place for reproductive and maternal health care, everyone wins. The job is urgent and bigger than any one person or organization. Sharing the work, lifting up voices, and being inclusive matters. We will actively recruit and connect with allies to teach and learn prevention strategies and break down systemic maternal and reproductive healthcare barriers and biases.

Celebrate Progress.

The five grieving moms who founded Healthy Birth Day, Inc., wanted to make this world a safer place to have a baby, and as we continue to grow as the country’s leading stillbirth prevention organization, we maintain a deep commitment to their original principles: placing high value on research and data, asking for help and building authentic relationships, and leading with trustworthy actions. We will take time to celebrate successes, both big and small, knowing each one may inspire or motivate another person to connect to our cause, turning their grief into fuel, shame into hope, or energy into action.

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