Shop Local to Give Fundraiser

Times are tough. Small businesses and local nonprofits have been hit especially hard. In 2021, Cradling New Life is teaming up with 12 local small businesses (one each month) to spotlight their particular merchandise and services. Each month, members of our Facebook group called “Shop Local to Give?Cradling New Life” will have access to special offers and sales from the spotlight business. It’s a win-win-win: group members get amazing deals by supporting local small businesses; the businesses gain new fans and make sales; AND, in turn, each business will donate 50% of all profits or commissions from their spotlight session to Cradling New Life.

Want to get in on the wins? Request admission to the group! Invite your friends to the group! Each month’s spotlight begins on the second Friday of the month and runs for 14 days. A list of each month’s spotlight business is below for your planning and budgeting needs.

Cradling New Life’s mission is to address the needs of families enduring the struggles of pre-term labor, premature birth, and little ones in Iowa hospitals’ Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

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