Labor Day Dunk Tank Fundraiser

Since Cradling New Life was started by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 55, our board members thought it would be fun to have a fundraiser involving all of the Des Moines area unions at the Labor Day Picnic following the Labor Day Parade. We had union representatives from different locals across Des Moines sign up for a shift in a Dunk Tank! It was so much fun! The kids at the picnic had a blast and it was inspiring to see how many members came to support the representative from their local. We had the following representatives volunteer for a shift in the dunk tank:

Christina Hallberg from Ironworkers Local 67


Mark Cooper from South Central Iowa Federation of Labor


Mike Brookes from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 55


Ray Slack from United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers Local 142


Vic McCuen from National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 352


Lee Thielman from Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33


Doug Buchman from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 347


and Dennis Green from Steelworkers Local 310


Dennis Green raised the most money for Cradling New Life families during his shift and won food provided by Bianchi’s Hilltop Restaurant for Local 310’s next meeting!

Local 310 was so gracious to let board members from Cradling New Life come to their union meeting to thank Dennis for doing this for us and thank the members for helping him win.
We are so grateful to everyone who got in the dunk tank for us. We would like to thank Bianchi’s Hilltop Restaurant for partnering up with us for this event. It really was a great fundraiser that we look forward to doing again next year!