Kindle Fires

Charitable giving comes in many ways. Cradling New Life focuses its purpose toward assisting families with infants in Iowa hospitals’ Neonatal Intensive Care Units and expectant mothers with antepartum issues. Each situation differs in one aspect or another. As such, so do the needs and ways of providing support. Cradling New Life strives toward putting forth meaningful benefits in an effort to make the families more comfortable. It does so by offering assistance to lessen the financial and emotional burdens or by providing a helping hand in other ways. The charity has set no financial requirement to receive assistance.

One of the many ways Cradling New Life has shown support for families is by donating items which make extended hospital stays more comfortable for mothers and their families. Kindle Fires were among those most recently given to the hospital unit for family usage. These gifts were especially meaningful to expectant mothers with extended stays. Hospitalization is not uncommon during pregnancy. Occasionally expectant mothers have preterm labor issues some of which require long-term bedrest and time in the hospital. The hospital bedrest allows for monitoring and more immediate medical attention. Many emotions such as fear, depression, and boredom often coincide with those hospital stays. The time can pass at an unbearably slow pace while on bedrest and it can be very lonely.

Cradling New Life wanted to do something to make the time a little easier for the mothers in this situation. Recently the organization began gifting items for recreational usage during hospitalization. Board members presented two Kindle Fires to the Des Moines Mercy Hospital unit. The devices were preloaded with games and puzzles as well as apps to read books and watch movies. The Cradling New Life board hopes the Kindles make the time a little more bearable for these mothers while they await the birth of their little one. More items will be donated in the near future.