Baby Rowan

We at Cradling New Life had the pleasure of meeting baby Rowan just before he was 5 months old!

He was born on July 10th weighing only one pound 9 ounces. Baby Rowan was born at 22 1/2 weeks gestation, which had lead to a long five month hospital stay for him and his family. Rowan had been fighting urinary tract infections, under developed kidneys, chronic lung disease, and low birth weight.

A few short weeks after Rowan was born in Des Moines, he needed to be transferred to the University of Iowa NICU in Iowa City. Rowan’s stay in Iowa City lasted for nearly 2 1/2 months as his kidney’s were closely monitored for their development and infections. Once Rowan’s kidney growth and infections were caught up and under control, he and his family were able to transfer back to the NICU in Des Moines where Rowan could continue to work on his feeding and still be close to home. A few days before Rowan could go home, he needed to have hernia surgery and all went good. At 5 months, Rowan is strong, healthy, and weighs 11 pounds!

Cradling New Life was able to help baby Rowan & his family make their mortgage payment for the month of December. Merry Christmas to Rowan & his family. We wish you the best of luck! It was so nice to meet you all and we were so glad we could help!