What We Do

All circumstances differ, as do the emotions endured. Many go home while their baby remains hospitalized for days, weeks, and even months. The Cradling New Life Mission is to address the needs of families enduring the struggles of pre-term labor, premature birth, or other ill little ones in Iowa hospitals' Neonatal Intensive Care Units by raising awareness and establishing a unified footprint toward their needs.

News and Updates

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This season purchase an ornament & support NICU families! All proceeds go directly to Cradling New Life!  1 Bulb $20 2 Bulbs $35 3 Bulbs $50 4 Bulbs $60 Donated Bulbs $15 All donated bulbs will be delivered by Cradling New Life to local hospital NICU’s this Christmas! Please submit order form below! If you […]

How we have been helping

Baby Brooks

Brooks’ ultrasound came back abnormal during his mom’s pregnancy. It was discovered that he had a mass on his left lung. Between that and his mom’s high blood pressure, doctors decided to deliver him at 37 weeks. When the doctors operated to remove the mass, it got even more complicated as they realized part of […]

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Baby Weston

Weston’s mama experienced placenta previa during her pregnancy which led to her being life flighted to Des Moines from Algona. This family had a long way to travel for visits while taking care of big brother Easton at home. I’m sure they will be double trouble in no time!

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